...Justin Ciuche kamen vergangenes Jahr zur Besetzung hin zu und leisten einen  unglaublichen Beitrag. Ihr musikalisches Können ist atemberaubend.

                                     Anne Clark für Göttingen Tageblatt

Justin Stefan Ciuche...


…was born in Romania in a family with no musical background but with a huge love for it. He started violin at the age of 5 and by the age of 7, he joined the ”George Apostu” Arts School in his hometown Bacau.

After finishing the ”G. Apostu” Music College, he was approved at the National Academy of Music in Cluj-Napoca - Transylvania where he continued his studies of classical violin and also finishing his License Diploma in Musical Pedagogy-Methodology.

A period of attending different competitions and music contests followed (Art Spring - Bacau, Vacances Musicales - Neamt, C. Silvestri Competition - Tg.Mures, etc.) where he gathered various prizes as well as the chance to attend violin masterclasses with renowned violinists like Valeriu Maior or Ursula Bagdasarjanz Naegeli


Already from his Academy years, he went further from his classical training, starting music composition, folklore and world ethnic music studies.

Taking advantage of the versatility that violin provides, his interest grew into other music genres like Jazz and Blues, analysing and following masters like Stephane Grapelli, Didier Lockwood, Jean Luc Ponty, Zoltan Lantosz or Florin Niculescu.

After he finished his studies, Justin started collaborations with various Philarmonic Orchestras in Romania (Satu Mare, Cluj, Bacau) as well as a busy concert activity with various groups,ensembles and bands ( City Strings, Merenos, Poesis, Busuiocu, Jazzthetics, Fatue Rhey, etc.) with which he started touring also throughout Europe.

At the age of 24 he was named conductor of the ''Busuiocu'' National Folkloric Ensemble of Bacau with which he gained among other honours, the Best Music Ensemble Prize at the ''Sagra del Mandorlo in Fiore'' International Festival in Agrigento, Sicily.

A big part of his early musical career played the composing activity for Theaters or Radio and TV.

After being given an acting-musician role in a theatre play at the ''Bacovia'' Theater in his hometown, Justin fell in love with the dramatic arts and spent the next 3 years working for the Theater. Besides acting and playing music in different plays, he also gained the position of Music Composer and Sound Designer.

in 2010 Justin took another step forward by moving to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates where he spent 3 years as a violin player in the UAE Philharmonic (Abu Dhabi-Dubai) as well as taking a position as a violin teacher at the SABIS International School.

The experience in the Middle East brought him even closer to the love for Ethnic Music and his travels took him further to South Asia and especially Thailand where he collaborated with the Patravadi Theater of Bangkok.

Justin is now based in Göttingen, Germany, continuing his activity as a musician. He is active as a solo violin performer or as a member of different bands like Anne Clark, Rauhbein, Tenegra, Itchy Kolo, Rahalla or Saeldes Sanc as well as playing as a guest musician with other bands and artists like Tony Christie, Ernst Horn (Deine Lakaien), Hannes Wader.

Theater still plays an important role in Justins life, thus his collaborations with the Deutsches Theater or Junges Theater in Göttingen or Boat People Projekt Theater Company.

He is frequently called for studio work as a session musician for various studios like the renowned Stockfisch of Gunther Pauler or the BlueLine Studio of Tom Dyba.

Lately, he founded the ''Violin Studio Göttingen'' with which he aims to spread his love for the violin to people of all ages and teach students of all skill levels.